Welcome to the Kalissa World

Kalissa is a young French startup that uses blockchain and NFT tools to offer a lifetime regenerable product, but not only...

After 6 months of successful experience, we are ready to open the doors of our world wide


Regenerable products 

Kalissa now offers high-end products that are fully identifiable through a combination of an NFT held on the Kalissa website or in the customer's wallet and a QRcode/RFID chip embedded in the product.
The NFT and the physical product are therefore inseparable!
This allows the customer to provide irrefutable proof of ownership of their product.

The physical product 

If a product is damaged or not the right size, it can be fully regenerated for a pre-defined amount at the time of purchase. 
In addition, if the customer wishes to sell his product, he may transfer ownership of the NFT.
Once the product has been returned to Kalissa, Kalissa can regenerate the new product with a new QRcode and send it to the new buyer. 
In the case of theft or destruction, an additional sum will be requested to regenerate the high-end product without proof. Again, the amount will be offered at the time of purchase of the product.

Kalissa's premium products

They are proposed on a top-of-the-range support "made in France", ethical and ecological. Indeed, we support the eco-responsible French product industry! On each product, a marking will be proposed by Kalissa's team of designers. Each marking will be numbered and personalised according to a recognisable element integrated into the visual: the Kalissa logo. This logo will be available in 4 colours allowing a specific level of rarity for each collection


Large NFT communities and artists will also be able to benefit from Kalissa's technology. By linking our NFTs, we will be able to offer all communities wishing to have a regenerable product to go through our unique system. This will allow us to offer unique collections of certain artists on our products with the possibility of regenerating for life.

Unique collections

Once a quarter, we will be doing collaborations with major clothing brands. This will allow Kalissa to offer its cutting edge tracking system to the big names in fashion. Each of the proposed collections will be unique in the world and having a product from this partnership will be exceptional. Tracing will allow unique authentication of each product and its owner, making the item unforgeable.

The NFTs

Directly linked to the physical product, the NFT can be carried in the metaverse and on each blockchain.
The customer's avatar will therefore be able to wear its real-life product in a game or on the platform of its choice.
It is also encoded in such a way that it is perfectly matched to the physical product. 1 NFT is paired with a physical product.

The token (KALI)

Kalissa without its token the Kali would not really be complete. Indeed, the Kali has a real use in this ecosystem. It will be able to bridge the gap between traditional products and cryptocurrency.
Each Kalissa product will have a certain amount of Kali sewn into it. In practical terms, it's like buying a $100 jumper with a $20 note of Kali sewn into it! But that's not all!
Each product being perfectly unique, it will be "stored" virtually in a "pool" (a placement) allowing it to increase its number of Kali with each sale of a physical product.
This pool has a redistribution rate of 1% on each sale.
The more physical products you have, the more Kali you increase.
This allows two things to happen:
  • Support the Kali, as all Kali in the pool will be blocked naturally
  • Allow the user to resell their product at a minimum price
The token will become rarer and rarer with each product sale!
Buying Kali and a physical product today is a real financial investment! We call it wear to earn because the more you wear your clothes, the more you spread the word about the brand and the more sales and Kali will soar! 
For each Kali owner, you will have the possibility to put your tokens in a specific pool, allowing you an interesting return depending on the duration of your investment.
What is new compared to other investments is that each Kali generated during the investment period will be released monthly. In the last month, you will be able to recover your entire initial purchase.
 The Kali being the governance token of the Kalissa society, will allow those who have it, to participate in the future of the society itself. Indeed, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is already integrated into the project and the website. It is fully functional and has already delivered its results during our first test phase. Each Kali owner will therefore always have a say in the company's important decisions.

The future of Kalissa

Today, Kalissa is a CEO, a team of developers, a designer, a marketing team and a production team.
It has an office in Paris and a factory in Metz.
That's 600 products already sent and more than 100 customers.
The token was launched during a Fairlaunch that raised 1200BNB on June 5, 2022. It was TOP 1 on Pinksale for 3 days and listed at $0.09 on Pancakeswap with a transaction volume of over $15M per day!
 In early June, a Tier 2 CEX (cryptocurrency bank) lists the token.
Mid-September, opening of the first boutique in Paris.
This will allow us to set up various partnerships with the fashion world and to have a first partner present at the Paris Fashion Week 2023! 
In the second quarter of 2023, opening of shops in NEW YORK, DUBAI, LONDON and HONG KONG. 
We also open our shops in the most famous metavers like SANDBOX or DECENTRALAND. 
Beginning of 2024, opening of the first shops in the main cities of the world and creation of its own METAVERSE!

You too, join the Kalissa adventure today and take part in the great revolution of luxury 3.0!

Come and discover our entire staff.

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