Our Drop

All our drops are produced and sold in limited quantities. They can be designed by our team or by other artists depending on the collaboration. The drop with Gate.io is an exception in the way we distribute it because, normally, the drops are made directly on our website kalissa.io

physical Product

The physical product is defined firstly by quality materials and as environmentally friendly as possible, and it's linked to the NFT via the QR code and the NFC chip.

Our Nft

The NFT will be sent to you as soon as the transaction is completed or, if you wish, kept by our services on our site and at your disposal. The NFT has several functionalities but the first one is to authenticate the owner of the NFT and therefore to ensure the physical product.


The second functionality of the NFT is to allow you to access our unique regeneration system. Regeneration allows you to request a new copy for reasons such as a change in size, soiling or damage to the fabric for 69$

Backed Amount

He third feature of this NFT is the back-to-back amount, in parallel to the above mentioned elements you will receive a back-to-back amount for your NFT, for this drop you will receive 10.000 in $KALI token linked to the NFT. This allows you, for example, to have a minimum price benchmark when selling but also to remain exposed to the price of our token.


Staking does not work for a given period of time but as we make drops. That is to say that for each drop we make the people who already own a nft will share 15% of the profits made.

The Burn

In order to get back the amount of the NFT plus the staking received after X number of drops you will have to burn your NFT directly on our website kalissa.io. However you will lose all the privileges mentioned above.

About the drop

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$KALI Backed

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