Launch of the $KALI token: 1200 BNB collected during the Fair Launch and +326% on the listing!

After 6 months of preparation, the company Kalissa Paris, specialized in luxury 3.0, NFT, and metaverse, undertook the launch of its own token, the $KALI, during a memorable Fair launch on the PinkSale platform. This fundraising allowed the company to raise nearly 1200 BNB ($ 360,000), in just 3 days, from 03 to 05 June 2022.

A profitable strategy that brought together 1188 investors on the BNB chain

Prepared for a long time by the French start-up, the fundraising has fulfilled all its promises. Indeed, the small cap initially planned at 100 BNB (~$30,000) has been largely exceeded. This performance, which follows Kalissa's initial marketing, numerous social media contests, and the dynamism and determination of its team, highlighted its entire community, whose number has continued to grow since the beginning of the event. In the end, 1200 BNB were brought together by 1188 investors on the BNB chain network.

A unique NFT drop special Fair launch

In order to reward Kalissa's first-time investors, the unique opportunity to hold a collector NFT with 4 levels of rarity was offered to holders of the $KALI token, according to the following investment modalities:

  • From a BNB: you get an NFT "Common"
  • From 3 BNB: you get a NFT "Rare"
  • From 5 BNB: you get an NFT "Epic"
  • From 10 BNB: you get a NFT "Legendary"

The particularity of these NFTs, as for all other products published by Kalissa Paris, is that you can use them both in the metaverse in digital form, but also and above all in real thanks to the physical products of excellent quality that this new trendy luxury brand markets.

Top 1 on PinkSale ecosystem

Thanks to the experience of her community manager, the project manager and her communication department, Kalissa Paris was able to maintain a constant hype throughout the 72 hours of the Fair launch. The firm's BEP20 token has attracted the attention of many players in the cryptocurrency world. The traffic and frequency of purchases were such that the token $KALI remained in 1st position of the most fashionable projects on pinksale.finance from the 3rd day, and did not leave the 1st place until the end of the launch. The emotion was strong when the team and its community were able to see first-hand the interest aroused by their token !

5000 dollars offered in $KALI!

In order to maintain the enthusiasm around the project, and also at the request of the community, 3 contests and Giveaways were organized to reward the most creative and committed members of the Kalissa community.

Daily Giveaways for 4 days

Kalissa Paris' activity on social networks was punctuated by a daily Giveaway of $ 600 per day from the beginning of the week, contributing to the massive arrival of new members and followers who were able to discover the project for the occasion.

Social Media Sharing Contest (Shill contest)

Word of mouth remains the best way to convince new investors or consumers of a brand. 3 prizes were distributed to reward the participation of the most active:

  • 1st prize: $300
  • 2nd prize: $200
  • 3rd prize: $100

Meme Contest

Culture itself is an integral part of the crypto universe. 3 prizes were distributed to reward the humor and creativity of the participants:

  • 1st prize: $300
  • 2nd prize: $200
  • 3rd prize: $100

Results of the competition

    Design contest

    What better way to strengthen the community than to choose the best talents to represent the brand in the phoenix in an original way? Here are 4 prizes that were distributed to the winners:

    • 1st prize: $500 + 1 unique NFT created from the design
    • 2nd prize: $400
    • 3rd prize: $300
    • 4th prize: $200

    Results of the competition

      An epic listing on Pancake swap in the middle of Bear Market

      While Bitcoin has been trading for days at -50% of its ATH (All Time High: highest ever), and following 9 consecutive historic weeks of decline of the cryptocurrency leader of the digital asset market, Kalissa Paris has managed the feat of thwarting all predictions with a surprising listing that culminated in an ATH at $ 0.2940, for a Market cap of about 14 million dollars!

      With a circulating supply (quantity of tokens in circulation) limited to 50 million tokens $KALI listing on PCS (Pancake swap), the DEX of the BNB chain, the price of the token on the listing was set at $ 0.09, or more than 326% until its ATH. In the space of 24 hours, it is $ 8.7 million of volume that was exchanged on the platform … It is certain that several exchanges are already looking at the token $KALI !

      The price remains above the price of the listing, and the adventure has only just begun for Kalissa Paris who is already preparing her next drops, her collaborations, and the construction of the new Chinese and Turkish communities.

      Take the $KALI course on Dextools

      Where to buy the $KALI token and how to staker?

      Buy $KALI token on Pancake Swap

      While waiting for a first centralized Tier2 exchange, scheduled for June, you can buy $KALI on Pancake swap, by connecting your external wallet to the decentralized exchange of the BNB chain. A liquidity pool of $714,000 has been set up on the WBNB/KALI pair. To follow the course of the $KALI, go to Dextools with the token contract number (0x950481789959cd6d77f1b88c2e1f61e30608c4e2), or to CMC (Coin Market Cap). If you are interested in the project, remember to leave a small comment in passing, and add the token $KALI in your watchlist !

      Staking of the $KALI set up for holders

      If you are a fervent supporter of the project, you have the possibility to place your tokens $KALI in staking since it was set up on the official website, in order to make your $KALI grow. The APY (Annual Percentage Yield ) rate has been set at 11% and your funds remain accessible at any time (no lock). If you choose staking, you support the Kalissa project by limiting volatility on the token, and you increase your capital over time at a very interesting rate.

      Next drop and conclusion

      Kalissa Paris continues its momentum with an exceptional drop highlighting the Mutant Ape Yacht Club #9582, from the new flagship collection of Yuga Labs, at the origin of the famous BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club). The drop, scheduled for Friday, June 10, 2022, will put on sale 499 copies of the NFT, in correlation with a superb hoodie with the effigy of the mutant monkey.

      The double advantage of this NFT distributed by Kalissa Paris, is that it will not only give access to all the advantages of the Wear-to-Earn of the luxury brand 3.0 (regeneration, staking reward in $KALI, resale or burn), but the concept of sharing the NFT, like the pieces of a puzzle, between all the holders, will give each of them the opportunity to invest in an NFT collection major of the moment, at a reduced price, with an entrance ticket for the DAO that will control the fate of the NFT !

      Another good news, given that this drop will be organized in collaboration with one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges, the collection is likely to be sold very quickly … It will therefore be necessary to be lively to have the chance to obtain some. If you are interested in our NFT + physical product drops, we invite you to join our community on social networks to be informed in preview on all deadlines. See you soon at Kalissa Paris !

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