Kalissa Paris: luxury 3.0 presented on BFM Business at PBWS!

Kalissa Paris: Exclusive interview on the set of BFM Business during PBWS 2022

It was on the occasion of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), on April 13, 2022 at the Palais Brongniart, that the French luxury 3.0 start-up, Kalissa Paris, made its media debut on the sets of BFM Business to make its revolutionary project known to the general public. A golden opportunity for its representatives on site to make a good figure among the gratin of Web3 companies of fashion and NFTs.

A show that gives pride of place to French Tech companies

Resulting from the collaboration of OpenMedias and BFMTV, the show "Focus Entreprises", presented by Eléonore Boccara, offers weekly interviews with executives passionate about their sector of activity. This immersion in the heart of innovative companies is a real spotlight for young players in the French economy, with a broadcast from April 18 for Kalissa Paris.

Quentin Prud'homme, community manager and director of the Kalissa project, accompanied by co-founder Jean-Rémy Dehaye, took the opportunity to present, according to 3 major axes, the ambitions and the unique concept of the luxury brand Kalissa Paris, pioneer of the regeneration of high-end clothing.

The regeneration of luxury: a world first!

The luxury industry often rhymes with refinement, expense, sumptuousness, rarity and beauty, so much so that it can be difficult for ordinary people to fully enjoy the precious accessory or luxury garment, under penalty of premature use, deterioration and therefore see its original value disappear.

The major innovation of the company Kalissa Paris solves this dilemma thanks to the revolutionary system of the infinite regeneration of clothing and luxury objects that it markets in the form of unique drops with a very limited edition. We are talking about luxury 3.0, a completely new way of consuming made possible thanks to blockchain technology and NFT.

A tamper-proof certificate of authenticity

The originality of the Kalissa project also lies in the fact that each physical article has its equivalent in NFT, an unfalsifiable title deed certifying its uniqueness, but also a luxury accessory to customize its avatar in all the major metaverses to come!

This lifetime warranty, at a lower cost, is carried out on simple presentation of the QR code and the NFC chip automatically included in each Kalissa product, giving access to the necessary information such as the identity of the owner, the product number, the number of copies of the series, and the number of regenerations accumulated during its existence … so much information engraved in the blockchain thanks to the non-fungible token.

Eco-responsible collectible products

Targeting both quality-oriented consumers, collectors excited about the project or investors wishing to speculate on the NFT market, the phoenix brand bears its emblem well because all its eco-responsible products are recycled after each regeneration, whether due to the deterioration of the property or the resale of the NFT for a new owner.

Interesting fact: each new buyer of the NFT via the Kalissa Marketplace, on which the secondary market of the firm's NFTs is organized, will be able to claim the corresponding physical item, new and at the size that suits him. It goes without saying that given the rarity, the usefulness, and the craze for these technological jewels, the price of NFTs should quickly strengthen upwards!

In conclusion

After laying the foundations of luxury 3.0, associated with NFTs, metaverse and fashion, and with its first drops liquidated in a few hours, the luxury brand Kalissa Paris now aims to "go from pioneer to leader", in the words of its representatives at the microphone of BFM Business. There is no doubt that the opening of its first shops with a storefront, real gateways to the metaverse, will enthuse and maintain the hype with its community.

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